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Headache is also a symptom of hypertension, a condition in which blood is forced through arteries at higher than normal rates of pressure. Essential hypertension—the most common form of high blood pressure—is somewhat mysterious, arising from no perceptible cause, whereas secondary hypertension is the result of some other medical condition, such as renal artery stenosis (narrowed arteries of the kidneys). Dietary approaches including limited sodium intake, can help. A number of medications are available today that can control essential hypertension; the secondary variety may require drugs, surgery, or other therapies, depending on its cause.

Other types of headaches include the "cluster" (or histamine) headaches: severe, one-sided headaches that seem to switch on and off during sleep but may last for hours. Headaches may also be caused by infection, alcoholism, uremia (a condition in which toxins build up in the blood), and poisoning by carbon monoxide or other chemicals. Some materials used in arts and crafts, such as lead-based paints or dyes, may produce headache, especially when used in confined environments for extended periods of time. If you have headaches that keep you awake at night, be sure to discuss with your physician any hobbies or activities, including drinking, that might be contributing to your problem.

Generally victims report a family history of headaches, which are more likely to occur in women. The physiological changes brought about by the onset of the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) period of sleep seem to aggravate headaches.